Portland Clean Energy Fund

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While elected officials are one way to change policy, ballot initiatives are another — and they’re beginning to look like a hallmark of the Northwest’s climate justice movement.
— Should big corporations pay for clean energy? Portland voters will decide, Grist Magazine, July 30, 2018
In the age of Donald Trump, some of the most significant political battles are taking place on the local level.
— Going Local: How Communities Across the Nation Are Fighting Back, Progressive Magazine, August/September 2018
Just 34,156 verified signatures were needed to appear on the November ballot, but with more than 450 volunteers helping to gather signatures, DeFalco said they doubled that number in two months.
— Portland Clean Energy Fund doubles signatures needed for November ballot, Portland Tribune, July 5, 2018
Backers of the Portland Clean Energy Fund measure on the November ballot have added a marquee name to their endorsement list—U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley
— Portland Clean Energy Fund Ballot Measure Draws High Profile Endorsement, Willamette Week, September 12, 2018
It opens doors of opportunity to help people and the planet at the same time, with the same dollar. You take 1% from the 1%, and use it to help the 100%.
— Van Jones on “the most important ballot initiative in the country”, 2018 Visiting SAGE Lecture, September 12, 2018